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Dr. Michael Beck

Marketer and Copywriter, DC Practice Tools

Have you struggled for years to bring in new patients to your practice? Dr. Michael Beck tried everything to grow his practice…all with very little success. He did spinal screenings his first 2 years in practice just to earn enough to eat. Then he learned these unique marketing strategies and made just under $300,000.

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About DC Practice Tools, LLC

Here’s Who We Are & What We Believe:

We’re a dynamic marketing company that creates proven and effective advertising that allow chiropractors to grow a large and devoted patient base. We believe compelling marketing doesn’t need to be hypey, unprofessional, or time consuming. And our goal is to create insanely effective (and profitable) tools that work, are plug-and-play , and eventually change our industry.

Our mission is show chiropractors and other healthcare practitioners how to acheive marketing mastery so they may have freedom, profits, and success in practice..

Our founder, Dr. Michael Beck, took his first practice from near bankruptcy to over $30k a month using new marketing strategies he learned from top marketing experts. These included chiropractic newspaper ads, internet and email marketing, yellow pages, networking and more. Dr. Beck also is an experienced copywriter and has written successful copy for very high conversion websites and newspaper ads.

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